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2003 Pro Arena Trucks and Monster Trucks Event schedule

Dates City, State Venue Time
11/16/2002 Houston, TX Stadium 7:30PM
12/7/2002 Minneapolis, MN Stadium 7:30PM
1/3-5/2003 Dallas, TX Arena 8PM  8PM  2PM
1/3-5/2003 Oakland, CA Arena 8PM  2PM/8PM  2PM
1/11/2003 Atlanta, GA Stadium 7:30PM
1/11/2003 Anaheim, CA Stadium 7:30PM
1/18/2003 Pontiac, MI Stadium 7:30PM
1/17-19/2003 Tacoma, WA Arena 8PM 2PM/8PM 1PM/7PM
1/25/2003 Indianapolis, IN Stadium 7:30PM
1/24-25/2003 Greensboro, NC Arena 8PM  8PM
1/24-25/2003 Sacramento, CA Arena 8PM  8PM  8PM
2/1/2003 Houston, TX Stadium 7:30PM
1/31-2/2/2003 Kansas City, MO Arena 8PM  8PM  2PM
2/7-9/2003 Portland, OR Arena 8PM  8PM  2PM
2/7-8/2003 Roanoke, VA Arena 8PM  2PM/8PM
2/14-15/2003 Hampton, VA Arena 8PM  2PM/8PM
2/21-23/2003 Worcester, MA Arena 8PM  2PM/8PM 2PM
3/1/2003 Jacksonville, FL Stadium 7:30PM
4/18-20/2003 Fresno, CA Outdoor-Arena 7:30PM  7:30PM  2PM
4/25-27/2003 Santa Rosa, CA Outdoor-Arena 8PM  8PM  2PM
5/18/2003 Salinas, CA Outdoor-Arena 2PM
5/31/2003 Syracuse, NY Outdoor-Arena 7:30PM
6/21-22/2003 Springfield, IL Outdoor-Arena 8PM  2PM
Grey denotes double-points events

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